Mondial T

- 3 500 km

85 900 €

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Technical sheet

Range Collection range
Type Mondial T
Body Coupé
First print
Body color Rouge
Interior color Noire
Motor V8
Displacement 3.4
Powerful 300
Gearboxe Mécanique à 5 rapports
Options Climatisation, Toit ouvrant électrique, ABS.
Features Etat neuf.
Mileage 3 500 km
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price 85 900 €


FERRARI Mondial T 1992

In 1980, the new Ferrari Mondial 8 (for 8 cylinders) was presented. It replaced the 308 GT4, which had been shunned by the public. Enzo Ferrari felt this failure was due to its unflattering design by Bertone. Pininfarina was therefore given responsibility for the new project. The design brief was essentially the same. The idea was to combine a four-seat GT body with a mid-rear-mounted engine. This made it necessary to lengthen the passenger compartment and move the driving position forward. The car was more balanced as a result, but some critics decried its appearance. The name ‘Mondial’ was taken from the famous sports car of the 1950s. It enjoyed no more success than its predecessor, so it was not just a matter of its styling. The Mondial was a new car, but with its similar layout it still looked very like the 308 GT4. The finish of the first cars built left room for improvement and they lacked performance. The 3-litre V8 produced only 214bhp, which was not enough. In 1982, the engine was enlarged to 3.2 litres. Fitted with 32 valves, this engine, known as the Quattrovalvole and identical to that in the 308, developed 240bhp. In 1985, the 3.2 was uprated to 270bhp, which was more in line with the car’s design brief. But it was only in 1989 that the Mondial finally reached maturity. Thanks to a great deal of effort, it was transformed. The 3.4-litre dry-sump engine now developed 300bhp. It was installed longitudinally and perpendicular to the gearbox. This T-shaped layout gave the car its ‘Mondial T’ moniker. The name also referred to the F1 World Championship-winning 312T single-seater. The engine was set 13cm lower in the engine bay, giving the car a lower centre of gravity and better balance. The front and rear tracks were wider and improved its stability. The overall standard of finish was considerably improved. The new dashboard was nicer and the leather upholstery of better quality. ABS, a sunroof and air-conditioning were standard. All these improvements made the Ferrari very attractive. At last, its performance was up to the mark. Its standing kilometre time of 25.8s and top speed of 255kph (158mph) were nothing to be ashamed of either. It had excellent handling, thanks to its reduced ground clearance and electronically controlled suspension. There was room inside for four passengers, who could enjoy a sporty ride in unusual luxury for a car of this type. Buying a Mondial T today is an interesting opportunity to own the last 2+2 Ferrari with a mid-rear-mounted V8 engine.

The model offered for sale

The model we are offering comes from the private collection of an enthusiast for cars of this type. It was delivered new in Rome on 12 October 1989 but only registered on 28 July 1994. It has had two owners. Its second owner bought the car in September 2014 when it had covered 3200km (2000 miles). Since then, it has only been driven another 200km (125 miles). The car was kept in a heated garage alongside other members of the same family. It was only taken out rarely, for a drive in the sun or for its safety inspection. It has always been maintained as stipulated by the manufacturer. A full maintenance service has just been carried out and the timing gear replaced. Overall, it runs and drives as it did originally. The air-conditioning provides some much appreciated comfort, while the ABS increases the driver’s confidence in the brakes. Finished in ‘Ferrari red’ with a black leather interior, it epitomizes the authenticity which a true enthusiast for the marque will look for. Its very low mileage and exceptional original condition make it a rare find and mark it out as a genuine collector’s item. It will fall to its happy new owner to keep it like this and to continue to preserve it in this unique condition. It will be sold with a 12–month warranty.

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