Type E série III V12

1 Janvier 1973 - 900 kilomètres

100 000€

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Technical sheet

Range Daily driver range
Brand Jaguar
Type Type E série III V12
Body Cabriolet
Production 7 990 exemplaires
First print 1 Janvier 1973
Body color Bordeaux
Interior color Beige
Motor V12
Displacement 5343 cm3
Powerful 250 ch SAE
Gearboxe Mécanique à 4 rapports.
Dimensions L : 4,68 - l : 1,68
Options Direction assistée. Climatisation.
Features Parfait état. Rénovation de qualité.
Mileage 900 kilomètres
Guarantee 12 Mois.
Price 100 000€


Jaguar E-Type V12 Series 3

The Geneva Motor Show in March 1961 saw the introduction of a new and unusually elegant sports car which would leave its mark on its era. That car was the Jaguar E-Type, and it was an enormous success. The order books filled up at once. The first coupé versions were soon joined by the equivalent roadster models. It had breathtaking styling. The long bonnet with its power bulge and faired-in headlamps and its wire wheels gave it an incredible charm which accentuated its delicate lines. Enzo Ferrari himself was moved to call it “the most beautiful car in the world”. Its design had its origins in racing. Its architecture was based on the same principles as the famous D-Type. With a tubular subframe at the front, four-wheel disc brakes (mounted inboard at the rear) and independent suspension all round, with four shock absorbers at the rear, it was technically ahead of its time and its handling and abilities made it a modern car to drive. The engine was carried over from its predecessor, the XK 150 S. A 3.8-litre in-line six, it had twin overhead camshafts and was fed by three SU carburettors. It was derived from the famous XK engine fitted to the XK 120 in 1948 and which would be used in the XJ40 until 1995. The 3.8-litre unit produced 268bhp and delivered exceptional performance for the period. Jaguar claimed a top speed of 150mph! It was a rival for other prestigious models like the Ferrari 250, but at a much lower price. Its superb styling, high performance, modern handling, ‘reasonable’ cost and whiff of ‘Old England’ were probably key to its success and to the growing interest it attracts today. After progressing through Series 2 and 3 models equipped with a 4.2-litre six-cylinder engine and then a 5.3-litre V12, it was replaced in 1975 by the XJS, which had more conventional styling.

The model presented here

The model presented is the final version of the Jaguar E-Type. It is a Series 3 version, equipped with the flexible and powerful 5.3-litre V12. This example was delivered new in the United States in January 1973. It was later imported into France, where it underwent a complete restoration. Since then, it has covered a mere 1000 kilometres on the roads of the Côte d’Azur, where its last owner lived. It is fitted with a manual gearbox, a feature rarely found on the V12, which adds to the pleasure of driving the car and allows you to take full advantage of the engine. The combination of dark red paintwork and beige leather is original and very elegant. This roadster drives perfectly. Its power steering makes light work of manoeuvring and adds to the overall comfort of driving the car. It will be sold serviced and with a 12-month warranty.

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