28 avril 1989 - 40 500 km

490 000 €

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Technical sheet

Range Collection range
Brand Lamborghini
Type Countach
Body Coupé
Production 650 exemplaires
First print
Body color Rouge
Interior color Noir
Motor V12
Displacement 5167 cm3
Powerful 455 ch DIN
Gearboxe Mécanique à 5 rapports
Dimensions L : 4,14 m - l : 2,00 m
Options Aileron.
Features Pédigré et rareté.
Mileage 40 500 km
Guarantee 12 mois
Price 490 000 €


Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary

The Italian car company Lamborghini was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian industrialist who had made his fortune producing tractors after the war. A lover of fine cars, he was not completely satisfied with the Ferraris he owned. He therefore decided to create his own car and his own marque, building prestige sports cars with V12 engines. The design brief stood out for its concern for the avant-garde and innovation and the search for an original design. After various tests, the 350 GT, styled by the coachbuilder Touring, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Next it was the turn of the legendary Miura to make the headlines, at Turin in 1965. The Miura was the first production car to exceed 300kph. Lamborghini’s cars were prestigious and sporty, but very expensive. They were sold in limited numbers and faced fierce competition from Ferrari and Aston Martin. In 1969, the Espada came out: it was a genuine success and the number of sales increased. However, financial problems, due in part to a downturn in the agricultural business and the onset of the oil crisis, forced Lamborghini gradually to dispose of his business, and he finished by selling it. It was bought by Chrysler in 1974, and then by the Volkswagen group in 1998.

The Countach was introduced in 1974. To look at, it was an extraordinary beast of a machine. Its body was angular and sharp-edged. It was a racing car made for the road. Access to the interior was by means of scissor-type doors, giving the impression of climbing aboard a flying saucer. Wide and low, the Countach left its mark on its time. During its career, it was fitted with V12 engines from 3.9 to 5.2 litres in capacity, producing 375–455bhp. It was reserved for wealthy enthusiasts or racing drivers. Only 2042 cars were built, but it was nonetheless the top-selling Lamborghini until 1990, when it was overtaken by the Diablo. Few cars remain and it is very unusual to come across one on the road or in a garage.

The model presented here

This model was delivered new in Monaco on 10 April 1989. It is one of the 650 25th Anniversary Edition models built to honour the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary and was the ultimate version in the Countach range. Its 455bhp V12 engine delivers outstanding performance. The enlarged air intakes and rear spoiler reinforce the car’s brutal appearance. Its first owner, a famous Formula 1 driver for Ferrari for many years in the 1980s, kept the car for ten years before selling it to its second and last owner. It is in exceptional condition. The file charting the history of the car is complete and includes the sales invoice, the original service book and service bills. The car runs faultlessly. This example is therefore of interest in many different ways. Its rarity, provenance and condition will appeal to any collector looking for pleasure and a good investment.

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