12 Mars 1969 - 101 500 km

230 000 €

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Technical sheet

Range Collection range
Brand Mercedes-Benz
Type 600
Body Limousine
Production 2677 exemplaires
First print
Body color Gris
Interior color Gris
Motor V8 Injection
Displacement 6332 cm2
Powerful 250 ch Din
Gearboxe Automatique 4 rapports
Dimensions L : 5,54 m - l : 1,95 m
Options Intérieur en velours Pullman, Radio.
Features Etat d'origine exceptionnel
Mileage 101 500 km
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price 230 000 €



In September 1963, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the biggest in the world, two cars were presented which would leave their mark on the period: the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes 600. The latter replaced the 300 Dora, the final model in the line of so-called ‘Adenauer’ models, which owed their name to the German chancellor’s attachment to them. The 600 was a direct competitor to Rolls-Royce and Cadillac, which were benchmarks at the time for their luxury and comfort. In every respect, it was a revolution compared to its predecessor with its post-war specification. Its generous overall dimensions – it was 5.54m (218in) long in short-wheelbase form – provided a roomy and pleasant interior, with no shortage of space for its passengers. The seats had wide backrests and were exceptionally comfortable. Customers could choose between soft velour and high-quality leather for the upholstery. Its lines were restrained, both imposing and elegant. The large glass area and omnipresent chrome trim confirmed its position as a luxury model. But it was its engineering which came as a real surprise. To propel this colossus weighing 2.6 tonnes (5732lb), Mercedes had to design a new engine with twice the capacity of its predecessor’s six-cylinder unit. Codenamed M100, it was a 6.3-litre V8 developing an enormous 500Nm of torque and a highly respectable 250bhp. Its top speed was in excess of 205kph (127mph) and the speedometer reached 100kph (62mph) in just 9.7 seconds. These figures befitted the car’s status and set it above its competitors. Its performance was not merely theoretical, it was confirmed on the road and could be exploited to the full thanks to the car’s modern technical design. Apart from the quality of its running gear, the hydropneumatic suspension gave it outstanding dynamic capabilities for a saloon of its size. A compressor drove air into the suspension system, which was controlled by regulators and absorbed by rubber air cushions. The system enabled the car to maintain a constant ride height and provide the utmost comfort. It didn’t squat under acceleration, dive when braking or weave in corners. The 2.5-ton car remained stable and allowed the driver to enjoy its engine to the full. Any bumps in the road were soaked up, creating a softly cushioned environment for its passengers to relax in. Cobblestones and humpback bridges were practically eliminated, leaving the limousine unperturbed. Inside, you had the impression of skimming over the road and travelling on a magic carpet. The hydraulic system was a major element in the car’s design. A pump generated a pressure of 150bar (2175psi) in a circuit which also controlled the opening and closing of the doors and boot lid, as well as the seat adjustment. The car’s overall finish was the embodiment of luxury and good taste. Each 600 was largely hand-built. The wood trim and door cards were numbered to match the number of the body for which they had been made. Each car was therefore unique. In addition to the extensive standard equipment, there was a very long list of options and accessories. Air conditioning, a sunroof, a division behind the driver’s compartment and a fridge were all available. Customers could also order a special colour for the bodywork or bespoke wood trim. The 600 was also available in long-wheelbase form, with four or six doors and as a Landaulet model, which was reserved for use in parades by heads of state and other dignitaries. The Pope was among those who owned one. When they came out, the regular models were much favoured by Rolls-Royce and Cadillac owners who saw the 600 as a large and luxurious saloon which, thanks to its dynamic abilities, was comfortable to drive at speed and in perfect safety. Later, the oil crisis in 1973 and the Mercedes’ exorbitant price dissuaded some customers who chose less ostentatious and more economical models instead. The 600’s die-hard customers were to be found among royal families and other heads of state throughout the world who continued to take things to excess, regardless of cost. Its production came to an end in 1981 after 2677 cars had been built, with no direct successor. 20 years later, the Maybach was introduced: with its luxury and extravagance, it could pride itself on taking the place of the 600. For 18 years, the 600 had represented automotive excellence. It was the best looking, the quickest, the most comfortable, the most solidly built, the most … It single-handedly embodied automotive perfection. Today, to travel in a 600 remains a rare pleasure, a buttery-smooth experience. Apart from its high fuel consumption, the car is modern and enjoyable to drive. Its fits perfectly into today’s traffic. The indescribable atmosphere inside the car makes you forget its exceptional dimensions. You feel both serene and strong, with nothing to prove to anyone. Its power and flexibility are faithful allies and make for decisive overtakes. You savour it, you reflect, you glide over the road. You don’t take yourself for a star or a president, but simply a lover of exceptional motorcars who is delighted to be behind the wheel of one of the most beautiful of them all.

The model presented here

The model presented here is a ‘standard’ version, delivered new in Germany on 12 March 1969. It is one of the finest examples available on the market and is in exceptional original condition. Most 600s have been more or less well restored, have no history or have been left abandoned for years. This one, however, is perfect. It has covered only 101,000km (62,800 miles) and has had just two owners, as its thick service file confirms. There is no sign of wear or corrosion to spoil the picture. The paintwork and chrome both shine as they would on a new car. The superb interior in Pullman velour looks like new. The underbody is original and in perfect condition. The car runs faultlessly. Behind the wheel, you can fully appreciate its build quality. It takes you back to the best of the 1960s. If you are a true lover of really beautiful unrestored cars in perfect original condition, if you are looking for exceptional iconic models, then you should reserve a special place in your collection for this outstanding 600. It will be prepared before delivery and guaranteed for 12 months.

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