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A few words from Hervé Chauvin

The motorcar, that extraordinary invention, the epitome of freedom and of dreams, seems to be increasingly disparaged. The car – which constantly evolved to serve mankind – is now scorned, criticised and blamed for all the ills of the world. Some even go so far as to wish its disappearance, no doubt motivated by the crazy notions of a modernism taken to its extreme, where man has become so perfect that he can go without his steed. That steed, once on four legs and then mechanically propelled, must now be anything other than a proper car. For decades, engineers, designers and stylists worked hard and pushed back the boundaries of their imagination so that the car would continue to meet our needs and create desires and emotions. Through the work of BPM Heritage, we want to play our part in perpetuating and passing on this spirit and this precious heritage.

Traffic regulations are more and more restrictive. Any car lover will know that we take less and less pleasure in driving on today’s roads. The congested traffic and speed limits monitored by ever more numerous cameras condemn us to move around in a standardized way. A classic car radiates an indisputable charm and provides an experience which has been dulled in more modern vehicles in favour of greater comfort and increased active and passive safety. Sometimes, we seek to re-live our childhood dreams. We recall the family saloon Dad drove each summer to take us on holiday to the south of France. We remember the coupé our neighbour brought out each weekend to drive to the seaside or the convertible our great-uncle bought new and used for family celebrations, always accompanied by an attractive woman … who also made us dream. Buying a classic car also represents a long-term financial investment which, in addition, you can enjoy. Moreover, financial advisers recommend this type of investment, which is not included in income tax calculations. Some investors, who have experienced the setbacks of risky and humiliating stock market ventures, are sensitive to the fact that they can admire and drive these investments on four wheels which, in general, have increased steadily in value for many years. Inescapably, these factors have led to the emergence of a trend. There is an elegant, agreeable and pleasurable aspect to travelling in cars like these.

Shows, exhibitions and other events for classic cars are more and more numerous. It can be seen that these cars are restored to a higher standard, which also contributes to a steady and appreciable increase in their value. To drive a classic car is also, and above all, to adopt a certain way of life. To savour the present with nostalgia and to create memories for tomorrow. BPM Heritage will be glad to assist you in this process by offering you only the very best, in keeping with our business. Our company is the French automotive group officially representing the largest number of premium brands and the only one to have established a ‘Heritage’ department offering a selection of high-quality classic cars of all makes and models. The passion for cars is part of our DNA and we are eager to share it with you. We strive every day to do all we can to pass on the marvellous heritage which the motorcar represents. We hope you enjoy visiting our website, with its delightful world of passion and originality. Don’t forget that your dreams can come true and are simply waiting to be fulfilled.

Hervé Chauvin, Director BPM Heritage

The future of classic cars

The future of classic cars Classic cars have a bright future ahead of them. They bear witness to a bygone era we still hold dear. We all seek our ‘madeleine de Proust’. At a time when everything happens so quickly, when everything changes, when the future can seem uncertain, we find our bearings through the values which made us what we are.

Behind the wheel of an old car, we can appreciate the passing time and rediscover the finer things in life. High-quality cars have become ever harder to track down. And yet these are the most worthwhile cars to acquire. Apart from the emotions they arouse, they represent a long-term financial investment. What is rare today will be even rarer tomorrow. Unlike today’s vehicles, cars classified as ‘classics’ are not subjected to the same traffic restrictions and can be used normally for private purposes.

A beating heart, a taste of freedom and your savings growing … An attractive formula which has made these lovely cars so successful.

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