ID 19

22 Juin 1966 - 39 000 km

85 000 €

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Technical sheet

Range Collection range
Brand Citroën
Type ID 19
Body Berline 5 places
Production 835 666 exemplaires
First print
Body color Blanc
Interior color Tissu bordeaux
Motor 4 cylindres
Displacement 1 911 cm2
Powerful 74 ch DIN
Gearboxe Mécanique à 4 rapports
Dimensions L : 4,80 m - l : 1,79 m
Options Direction assistée
Features Entièrement d’origine
Mileage 39 000 km
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price 85 000 €


Citroën ID 19 1966

The 7th of October 1955 was a historic day for Citroën. The first day of the Paris Motor Show saw the presentation of the new Citroën DS, which had the onerous task of replacing the legendary Traction Avant. It used the same mechanical underpinnings but otherwise the DS was a revolutionary car. Its body panels, which could be entirely unbolted, were like no other. Its long streamlined bonnet, wide front track and V-shaped waistline gave it a unique appearance. Technically, a hydraulic pump powered the braking system, steering and suspension. The suspension offered an extraordinary level of smoothness, comfort and roadholding. Its hydraulic control made it possible to drive on three wheels without even noticing it.

During its long career spanning 20 years, it was only powered by four-cylinder engines, ranging from 1.9 to 2.3 litres. Citroën’s engineers were unable to develop a six-cylinder engine which could be installed under the bonnet. Nonetheless, it had excellent performance for a saloon of its time. Its roadholding made it far superior to its rivals when driven quickly. It famously saved General de Gaulle’s life when it escaped a hail of bullets with two punctured tyres during the assassination attempt at Le Petit-Clamart on 22 August 1962. The car was much appreciated by company bosses and high-mileage users for its exceptional handling. It also proved extremely popular and could be seen in many films. In particular, it enabled Fantômas, pursued by Inspector Juve, to make his escape. It was the DS too which tore along the twisting roads of the Val d’Isère, driven by Louis de Funès in the role of Septime in the film The Big Restaurant. It could also be seen in foreign television series such as The Mentalist in the United States. The DS was an international success.

In 1999, it was awarded third prize in the competition for “The Car of the Century”, demonstrating its fame and the interest it generated throughout the world. In 1957, a more basic version, called the ID, was introduced. The first versions were more simply finished and less luxurious. Rather than the hydraulic transmission, it had a four-speed manual gearbox. Later on, it was fitted with hydraulically-assisted brakes from 1962 and maximum power rose from 62 to 74 and then 78bhp. Its roof was made from painted fibreglass. In 1975, it was replaced by the CX, which did not enjoy the same success. Values of DS and ID saloons have soared in recent years. Often mistreated or poorly maintained, sometimes badly restored, there are few cars in good original condition left on the road. It is a rare treat to see one of them today.

The model offered for sale

The model presented here is an ID 19 Confort. It was delivered new in France on 22 June 1966 and has had only two owners. It is fitted with the optional power steering and therefore drives very much like a DS with manual transmission. The front seats have armrests and are adjustable; combined with the hydraulic suspension, they provide an outstanding level of comfort. This ID saloon has covered only 39,000km (24,200 miles) in the hands of two owners, making it an exceptional car. It has never been restored and is in perfect overall condition. Its greyish white paintwork is entirely original, as is its cloth interior. The underbody is perfect and there is no sign of any corrosion.To find any car in this condition is exceptionally rare; in the case of an ID, it is unique.

The car has been fully serviced and runs faultlessly. Its condition and low mileage make it very pleasant to drive. The suspension – which remains as smooth as ever – and the engine are original. It is one of the finest IDs on the market, in perfect original condition and with a very low mileage. It is worthy of a place in any collection of rare motorcars. It will be sold with a 12–month guarantee.

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