Aston Martin

06 janvier 1997 - 81 500 km

39 900€

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Technical sheet

Range Daily driver range
Brand Aston Martin
Type DB7
Body Coupé
Production 7092 exemplaires
First print
Body color Noire
Interior color Noir
Motor 6 Cylindre en ligne 24 s, compresseur.
Displacement 3239 cm3
Powerful 335 ch
Gearboxe Mécanique à 5 rapports
Dimensions L : 4,68 - l : 1,83
Options Climatisation, sièges électriques.
Features Excellent état d'origine.
Mileage 81 500 km
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price 39 900€


Aston Martin DB7

Aston Martin is a prestigious English make which stands for elegance and good taste in cars. Various models have taken starring roles and come under the spotlight in films. The sense of class exhibited by Roger Moore in the series The Persuaders! was due not only to his immaculate suits but also the Bahama Yellow DBS which he drove in every episode. It is impossible to think of James Bond without recalling the DB5 in Goldfinger or the Vanquish in Die Another Day. These exclusive cars were largely built by hand and in limited numbers.  By 2004, only 22,000 cars had left the factory since 1913, the year the company was founded.

At the end of the 1980s, the firm’s financial position was worrying. Victor Gauntlett, who was chairman of the group at the time, sold a 75% stake in the company to the giant car maker Ford. Ford brought funding, new ideas and economies of scale which enabled the company to develop a new model which could be distributed more widely to cover its costs and make a profit. This emerged as the DB7. David Brown gave his consent for his initials to be used, ensuring continuity with the legendary earlier models. A new factory at Bloxham handled production of the new Aston. It used the platform of the Jaguar XJS, with the engineering work entrusted to TWR. The body, which had traditionally used aluminium, was built in steel. Various parts were borrowed from Ford. The DB7 Coupé was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1993 and became available in 1994. It was initially powered by a supercharged 3.2-litre in-line six, which developed 335bhp and was good for a top speed of 266kph (165mph). In 1999, the six-cylinder engine was replaced by a naturally-aspirated V12 producing 420bhp. Both versions were available with manual or automatic transmission. A cabriolet version was added to the range in 1996.

The DB7 reflected the spirit of the brand and radiated a charm and elegance worthy of its predecessors. Its performance and handling met its customers’ expectations. More than 7000 cars were sold until 2004, when production of the model came to an end. Compared to the total of 22,000 cars sold since 1913, it could be considered a commercial success. The DB7 changed the manner in which Aston Martin built and sold its cars. It opened the way for a new era in which the DB9, DBS and Vanquish followed one another, proud standard bearers for the company, which remained true to its values and traditions.

The model offered for sale

The model offered for sale is a DB7 Coupé delivered new in Cannes on 6 January 1997. The car has had only one owner and has covered just 81,000km (50,300 miles). It has always been serviced, with the result that it is in perfect condition to be used today. The matching black leather and bodywork emphasise the car’s sporty look and accentuate its elegant appearance. The coupé has always been kept under cover. Its paintwork has kept its original shine, while the exceptional condition of its interior invites you to set off on a trip. You just want to make its six cylinders roar and take charge of them, with the help of the manual gearbox which puts you in control when driving. This DB7 offers the chance to acquire a coupé with magnificent styling and sporting performance for a reasonable outlay. Thanks to BPM Heritage, driving an Aston Martin is now a dream within your reach. The car will be prepared for sale and supplied with a 12-month guarantee.

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