XK 120

05 Novembre 1951 - 15 000 (compteur)

119 900 €

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Technical sheet

Range Daily driver range
Brand Jaguar
Type XK 120
Body Roadster 2 places
Production 1170 exemplaires conduite à droite
First print 05 Novembre 1951
Body color Bleu
Interior color bleu
Motor XK 6 cylindres en ligne carburateurs SU
Displacement 3442 cm2
Powerful 210 ch SAE
Gearboxe Mécanique Moss à 4 rapports
Dimensions L : 4,40 m - l : 1,56 m
Features Parfait état. Rénovation de qualité.
Mileage 15 000 (compteur)
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price 119 900 €


Jaguar XK 120 Roadster (C-Type cylinder head) 

At the London Motor Show in 1948, three years after the end of the Second World War, William Lyons, the founder and chairman of Jaguar, presented his all-new prototype. It was an elegantly styled roadster with a modern and sporty engine. Jaguar had no plans to put it into production, but it proved such a resounding success that the company decided to put it on sale in 1949 as the XK 120. The number ‘120’ referred to its top speed of 120mph (193kph) reached during testing. The first car built was delivered to the American actor Clark Gable. Its performance, styling, design and driving position meant it could be described as a sports car. It was only available with two seats, first as a roadster and then also as a drophead coupé, which was more practical but less elegant. In 1951, a fixed-head coupé was introduced, with a more luxuriously finished interior. The body of the first cars was made entirely from aluminium over an ash wooden frame. Only 242 cars were produced to this specification. At the beginning of 1950, the steel-bodied XK 120 was introduced, although the doors, bonnet and boot lid were still made from aluminium. This made it stronger but 51kg (112lb) heavier. The car remained light and pleasant to drive. Its suspension ensured dynamic handling for the time, while its engine delivered remarkable performance. When it was launched, it was the fastest production car in the world. Its engine, designed by William Heynes, contributed greatly to this. It was a paragon of power, smoothness and rugged construction. In its original form, the 3.4-litre dual overhead-cam engine with twin SU carburettors developed 160bhp. The use of aluminium rather than iron allowed a saving of 31kg (68lb) for the cylinder head. It was a vigorous and robust engine. The quality of its construction and overall characteristics were such that it powered most of the cars from Coventry until 1992, undergoing some changes, but always known as the ‘XK’. In particular, it would be found in 3.8 or 4-2-litre guise under the bonnet of the legendary E-Type and the XJ6 saloons. In 1953, uprated as far as the technology of the time allowed, it enabled an XK 120 to reach 277kph (172mph)! Its sporting characteristics also enabled it to excel in competition. Its first victory came in 1949, at a production car race at Silverstone. Then, from 1950, it was entered at Le Mans and in most of the prestigious events. It was one of the undisputed stars on the racetrack in the 1950s.

A total of 12,055 of all body styles of the XK 120 were built until 1954, when it was replaced by the XK 140, which was more modern but had less charm than the XK 120. In particular, the removable spats covering the rear wheels were replaced by conventional wheelarches on the XK 140. On the XK 120, that was only the case if the wire wheel option was specified, as the design of these wheels prevented them from turning freely behind the spats. To drive an XK 120 today is to get behind the wheel of a motoring icon powered by a legendary engine; to experience some delightful sensations dating back to a bygone era; to understand too the spirit of reconstruction of the British people in 1948; and to enjoy the English way of life.

The model presented here 

This example is a roadster which was delivered new to its first owner in Zurich on 5 November 1951. It comes with its Jaguar Heritage Certificate confirming its authenticity and history. Between 1951 and 1959 the car changed hands three times in Switzerland. Its last but one owner imported it into France in 1960 and kept it until 2017. During this time, he carried out a complete overhaul of the engine to the highest standard and fitted a C-Type cylinder head, increasing its power to 210bhp. He also changed the colour of the bodywork from blue to white. The car’s last owner rectified this modification and returned the car to its original shade of ‘Pastel Blue’. He had the leather restored to its original two-tone blue. An extensive mechanical overhaul was also carried out. Today, the car is in excellent condition. The body panels are perfectly aligned. The paintwork, redone to the highest standards, is perfect. There is no sign of rust on the underbody. The condition of the car is consistent overall. During its restoration, the car was kept as original as possible. No pattern parts were used. The chromework is original and has been renovated. The engine has been rebuilt by an experienced engine builder and is faultless. It runs beautifully and has been perfectly set up. The extra punch provided by the C-Type cylinder head gives it a very pleasant degree of power and flexibility. Its handling is exactly what you would expect from this type of car and makes it a blast to drive. There are no untoward noises. The gearbox is smooth and agreeable to use.

The first owner’s wise decision to order this XK 120 with right-hand drive makes it utterly charming today. As well as being such a rare model, when you are inside it, you feel as though you are cutting through the air in a proper English car. Each trip you make in it exudes the scent of old England and its verdant countryside. The combination of the colours of the leather and the metallic blue paintwork is especially successful and emphasises the car’s elegant lines. If you are looking for a beautiful English roadster in excellent condition, you will be certain to appreciate this example which has many appealing qualities. It will be prepared before delivery and guaranteed for 12 months by BPM Heritage.

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