205 Roland Garros

28 juin 1989 - 14 200 km

29 900 €

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Technical sheet

Range Collection range
Brand Peugeot
Type 205 Roland Garros
Body Coupé 4 places
Production 2 000 exemplaires en France
First print
Body color Vert
Interior color Tweed/Cuir beige
Motor 4 cylindres carburateur double corps
Displacement 1 360 cm2
Powerful 85 ch DIN
Gearboxe Mécanique à 5 rapports
Dimensions L : 3,71m - l : 1,58m
Features Entièrement d’origine
Mileage 14 200 km
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price 29 900 €


Peugeot 205 Roland Garros

The Peugeot 205 is one of the most popular cars of all time. Everyone has owned one or has friends who had one. Introduced in 1983, its career continued until 1998. A total of 5,278,300 cars were built across all body styles and engines, a colossal figure. It was the best-selling car in France in 1984, 1985 and 1991, when it was restyled. It was available in three- and five-door versions, powered by four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines producing from 45 to 130bhp. The sporty T16 model developed as much as 200bhp in production form. In competition spec, its maximum power increased to 550bhp and was sent to all four wheels. Its exceptional performance secured it first place in the World Rally Championship in 1985 and 1986. The more modestly powered versions were a resounding success from the start. There was a model to suit everyone. The first version, the ‘Junior’, was an entry-level model. Its 954cc engine offered only limited performance, but was adequate for use in town or by newly qualified drivers. The models higher up the range with 1124 or 1360cc engines were livelier to drive. They were ideal for a young couple or as the second car for a family. In five-door form, they were ideal for everyday use, to go shopping or for the school run. The 70bhp engine was powerful enough for weekend trips with a small family. Other, more powerful models with twin-barrel carburettors – such as those fitted to the GT or XT – were livelier still. The famous GTI versions left the greatest mark on their period, however. Light, powerful and with agile handling, these angry-looking machines had character by the bucket-load. The diesel models were also much in demand. As well as being very reliable, they stood out for their performance, which was close to the petrol versions, and their very low fuel consumption. When driven within the speed limits, they could achieve over 70mpg. We remember the advertising campaigns which helped make the car so likeable, like the one with the student behind the wheel of his 205 Junior, fitted with denim seats and side stripes, who picks up all the pretty girls. We remember too the 205, this ‘hot little number’, driven by a jilted lover who traces his thoughts in the sand, watched over by the woman concerned as she flew over the scene and read with amusement the original way he chose to send his message to her. The 205 was a likeable car. It seemed timeless, everlasting even. Reliable and economical, easy to drive, always willing, it was nonetheless replaced in 1998 by the 206, a worthy successor to it, but which would never make people forget the 205.

The model presented here

This model was delivered new in France on 28 June 1989. It was one of the first examples of the famous ‘Roland Garros’ limited edition . The name chosen for it emphasised the partnership between Peugeot and the world-renowned tennis tournament. Traditionally, for many decades, the manufacturer has supplied all the official cars used in this sporting event. The name of Roland Garros recalls the heroic French airman who was shot down during the First World War. It reminds us too of the tennis championship and the values it embodies, as well as the elegant setting in which it takes place. This spirit was carried over to the 205 Roland Garros. Its green paintwork was unique to the model, as was as its light-coloured interior trimmed in leather and tweed. It was fitted with tinted electric windows and central locking. A large opening glass roof let you drive under the starlit sky, your hands resting on the white leather steering wheel. Special alloy wheels were shod with low-profile tyres. Its sporty appearance was accentuated at the front by its additional long-range driving lamps. The body-coloured bumpers, finished in dark green, were also exclusive to the model. It really was a very special limited edition and is probably the best liked version in the 205 range. The 1360cc engine producing 85bhp was chosen for the model and is ideally suited to its character. It makes it a pleasant car to drive, striking an ideal balance between flexibility and lively performance. This example has had only two owners and has covered just 14,000km (8700 miles); it is in almost-new original condition. To buy and to drive this car is to step back 33 years, to the time when a young Michael Chang beat Stefan Edberg in the famous final match. This model is increasingly popular. Only 2000 examples of it were sold in France. When you see the prices fetched by the 205 GTI of late, this Roland Garros is probably a wise purchase: admittedly less powerful, it is nonetheless exclusive and in extraordinary condition, making it a unique car. It will be supplied to its new owner with a 12-month guarantee.

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