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Coccinelle 1200 Export

21 avril 1964 - 62 000 km

24 900€

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Technical sheet

Range Daily driver range
Brand Volkswagen
Type Coccinelle 1200 Export
Body Coach 4 places
Production 21 529 464 exemplaires
First print 21 avril 1964
Body color noire
Interior color Gris
Motor 4 cylindres refroidissement à air
Displacement 1192 cm3
Powerful 34 ch
Gearboxe Mécanique à 4 rapports.
Dimensions L : 4,06 - l : 1,55
Features Excellent état d'origine et faible kilométrage.
Mileage 62 000 km
Guarantee 12 Mois.
Price 24 900€


Volkswagen Beetle 1964

Developing mobility and expanding transport networks were among the priorities of the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, who set about implementing them as soon as he was elected in 1933. The building of numerous motorways was intended to allow everyone to travel more quickly, but they also enabled planes to take off and land during military operations. As part of the Reich’s social programme, the aim was to enable every German to buy his own personal car. The goal was to develop for production and put on sale at 1000DM a strong and economical car which could transport four people at 100kph while returning 56mpg. Ferdinand Porsche responded to this request by designing and proposing a prototype that met the design brief for what would be known as the Type 1. In 1938, the Volkswagen company was established, literally the ‘people’s car’. Germans could acquire the car on a subscription basis by buying savings stamps with a value of 5DM each. A factory was built in Wolfsburg to produce the car. The Second World War put an end to its development and it would be 1946 before production restarted. It would continue to be built in some Latin American countries until 2003! Known as the ‘Beetle’ in English or the ‘Käfer’ in German, it was powered by an air-cooled four-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 904–1584cc depending on the year, producing 23–50bhp. It achieved remarkable success, as more than 21 million Beetles were built during its lifetime, making it the best-selling car in the world of all time. Sturdy, reliable and amusing to look at, it was loved by everyone. It became a movie star, especially with Walt Disney, where it had a starring role in many films. Everyone knew the Beetle and it enjoyed worldwide success. It brings back happy memories of our youth and buying one today takes us back to our childhood.


The model offered for sale

The model offered for sale was delivered new in Finland on 22 April 1964. It is a 1200 Export model, which was better equipped and finished than the standard version. It stands out from most of the other cars which have been more or less well restored on account of its excellent original condition. It was just given a respray a few decades back. The underbody is perfect and original. Those parts of the car normally affected by corrosion are rust-free. The period cloth interior is also in perfect condition. The mechanical components have been overhauled, so that the car can be used in the best possible conditions. The overall condition of this Beetle and the documents which tell its story suggest that the recorded mileage of 62,000km may well be original. It is rare to find a Beetle in such fine condition and finished in black, an unusual colour which suits it perfectly. It will be serviced before delivery and guaranteed for 12 months.

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