XJ-S 3.6 Coupé

30 mai 1988 - 32 000

46900 €

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Technical sheet

Range Daily driver range
Brand Jaguar
Type XJ-S 3.6 Coupé
Body Coupé
Production 113 413 exemplaires coupé et cabriolet
First print 30 mai 1988
Body color Bleu
Interior color Beige
Motor 6 Cylindre en ligne .
Displacement 3 590 cm3
Powerful 225 chDIN
Gearboxe Mécanique à 5 rapports
Dimensions L : 4,76 - l : 1,93
Options Climatisation, radio.
Features Excellent état d'origine et faible kilométrage.
Mileage 32 000
Guarantee 12 mois
Price 46900 €


Jaguar XJ-S 3.6 coupé

Jaguar’s new coupé, introduced in 1975, got off to a laborious start. It was no easy job to replace the legendary E-Type. The XJ-S stood out with its gentrified design and was more a GT coupé than a sports car. Its styling was heavier than its predecessor and it was less naturally elegant. The simple finish of the first versions lacked originality and luxury. Nonetheless, the coupé was well designed. It used the platform from the XJ saloon, which was considered a benchmark. Its rear suspension with four shock absorbers provided excellent roadholding and considerable comfort. The V12 engine was carried over from the E-Type and ensured a very high level of performance. The car evolved over time. The finish was improved, with the adoption of high-quality wood trim and more leather. In 1983, a six-cylinder engine derived from the famous XK unit was offered. It was flexible and tough, and the 225bhp it developed took the car from 0–100kph in 7.5sec. Gradually, the XJ-S became better received. It appeared in TV series such as Return of the Saint and The Avengers, making it better known. Sales increased. This remained the case until the end of its career, after it was restyled in 1991 and equipped with new engines including a 4.0-litre ‘six’ and a 6-litre V12, which made it a little more modern. Today, the XJ-S or XJS (the hyphen was dropped when it was restyled) makes a good buy. It is the last ‘real’ Jaguar, built without any parts from other car makers. As it has aged, to our eyes it has become an elegant design. It symbolises the English definition of class from the 1980s. Comfortable, quick and reliable when properly maintained, it is an increasingly appreciated model. Values are continually going up and it is becoming hard to find good examples, in original condition and with low mileage.

The model presented here

The model presented here was delivered new in Italy on 30 May 1988. It is a 3.6-litre six-cylinder version developing 225bhp and has a five-speed manual transmission, a rare fitment which allows the driver to take full advantage of the engine. The combination of metallic blue bodywork and beige leather is especially elegant and sets off the stylish lines of this coupé very pleasingly. It is in exceptional condition. It has covered only 32,000km and drives perfectly. The leather is magnificent, the carpets and wood trim lavish. Its original condition comes as a surprise. It has become very difficult to find an XJ-S in such condition. This example will be sold serviced and with a 12-month warranty.

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