230 SL

28/06/1965 - 59 000 km

165 000€

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Technical sheet

Range Collection range
Brand Mercedes-Benz
Type 230 SL
Body Cabriolet
Production 19831
First print 28/06/1965
Body color Blanc
Interior color Noir
Motor 6 Cylindres en ligne injection
Displacement 2308 cm3
Powerful 150 ch DIN
Gearboxe Mécanique à 4 rapports.
Dimensions L : 4,33 m - l : 1,76 m
Options Boite automatique, Direction assistée, Radio.
Features Etat d'origine exceptionnel.
Mileage 59 000 km
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price 165 000€


Mercedes 230 SL 1965

The Geneva Motor Show in March 1963 saw the presentation of a Mercedes which would leave its mark on the history of the German manufacturer. That car was the 230 SL. The two letters were the abbreviation for “Sport Leicht”, literally “Sport Light”. In fact, it was an elegant cabriolet model which was destined to replace the legendary 190 SL. It was supplied with a standard hardtop with a concave shape that recalled the roofs of Buddhist temples and earned it the nickname “Pagoda”. Three versions were offered. A two-seat coupé with a hardtop but no soft top. The version with both soft and hardtops, and finally the “California” with the hardtop and a bench seat in the area where the hood was stowed. Despite its name, the SL was more a pleasant and good-looking convertible than a sports car. Its 150bhp engine delivered excellent performance for the time, but its roadholding and braking curbed the enthusiasm of more reckless drivers. Driven with greater moderation but a dash of sportiness, on the other hand, it proved a real delight on the road. The flexibility of its six-cylinder engine allowed it to pick up smoothly from very low revs, while the throaty roar of its engine at higher revs was a treat for music lovers. It was reliable, elegant and sexy, and despite its prohibitively high price, nearly 50,000 cars were built until 1971, when it was replaced by the 107. It underwent few changes during its career. The engine capacity was increased to 2.5 litres in 1967, then to 2.8 litres in 1968. A few improvements were made, such as an oil cooler and disc brakes all round in 1967, but in general, it remained unchanged during its career. It left its mark on its era and turned a good many heads. That remains the case today, whenever you have the opportunity to see one which has been spared from the ravages of time.

The model presented here

This example is extremely rare. It is a 230 SL fitted with automatic transmission and power steering. It was delivered new by the Delecroix garage in Paris on 7 April 1965. Its condition is exceptional, as it is entirely original. This Pagoda has covered only 59,000 km and its last owner bought it 41 years ago. It is a unique car and possesses an authenticity which sets it apart from the many cars that have been restored and makes it more interesting in every way. Opportunities like this come up very rarely. Its condition, history and documentation mean that it will be reserved for a true connoisseur who is looking for a rare and exceptional car. And let us not forget, what is rare today will be even rarer tomorrow. It will be serviced before delivery and guaranteed for 12 months.

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