C 107

03 Juillet 1974 - 15 500 km

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Technical sheet

Range Collection range
Brand Mercedes-Benz
Type C 107
Body Coupé 4 places
Production 13 925 exemplaires
First print 03 Juillet 1974
Body color Gris métal
Interior color Cuir rouge
Motor V 8
Displacement 3 499 cm2
Powerful 200 ch DIN
Gearboxe Automatique à 3 rapports
Dimensions L : 4,75 m - l : 1,79 m
Options Boite automatique, intérieur cuir, radio
Features Première main, Peinture d’origine, Cuir d’origine.
Mileage 15 500 km
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price On request


Mercedes 350 SLC 1974

The SLC was part of the 107 Series: R107 for the roadsters and C107 for the coupés. Traditionally, Mercedes built its coupé models on the S-Class platform. This was the case for its predecessor, the W111 coupé, and for its successor, the C126, which carried over the structure of the S-Class saloon. The SLC, however, was built on an SL chassis lengthened by 36cm (14.2in), which had been taken in turn from the 1968 W114 saloon, as had the double wishbone front suspension that ensured greater stability. It was a guarantee of reliability and made it possible to reduce the cost of production. The SLC was presented in October 1971, six months after the SL. It did not offer the same fun of driving with the wind in your hair as the SL, but provided greater comfort and, above all, four seats for adults. It was a different kind of car. The SLC also handled better and could be used every day, even with the whole family. Some families had an SLC for everyday use and long trips, and an SL for weekend outings. It was available with six and eight-cylinder engines from 2.8 to 5.0 litres. Its styling was particularly elegant, with a long bonnet and the characteristic louvres on the rear side pillars. Despite its high price, 62,888 cars were built during its ten-year career, across all engine variants. It made way in 1981 for the C126 coupé, while the roadster was built until 1989. The SLC is prone to rust, so it is unusual to find an original car in good condition today.

The model presented here

The model offered for sale is a 350 SLC which was delivered new in Paris on 3 July 1974. It is powered by the fuel-injected V8 producing 200bhp, mated to a three-speed automatic transmission. It has had only one owner and has covered just 15,500km (9600 miles), making this an exceptional example. Its red leather interior looks like new and contrasts elegantly with its light grey metallic bodywork. This coupé is entirely original. No part of the car has been repainted and there is no sign of any corrosion. It is virtually impossible to find an example in this condition. It is worlds apart from the cars usually found for sale, with high or unconfirmed mileages and poor-quality restorations. The buyer of this car will probably become the owner of one of the finest examples in existence, in perfect running order. It is a true collector’s item, and to ensure your enjoyment of it, it will be sold serviced and guaranteed for 12 months.

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