1300 Cooper cabriolet

18 octobre 1996 - 14 000 km

39 900€

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Technical sheet

Range Daily driver range
Brand MINI
Type 1300 Cooper cabriolet
Body Cabriolet
Production 1000
First print 18 octobre 1996
Body color Vert
Interior color Beige
Motor 4 cylindres injection
Displacement 1275 cm3
Powerful 63 ch
Gearboxe Mécanique à 4 rapports.
Dimensions L : 3,09 m - l : 1,52 m
Features Excellent état et rareté.
Mileage 14 000 km
Guarantee 12 Mois
Price 39 900€


Mini ‘Works’ Cabriolet

Known the world over, the Mini was a global success. It was the result of the request made in 1956 by Sir Leonard Lord, chairman of the British Motor Corporation, and the work of the Greek engineer Alec Issigonis. The design brief called for a compact, modern city car with room for four adults. To achieve this goal, the decision was made to use a small, 850cc four-cylinder engine. It was mounted transversely at the front and shared its sump with the gearbox, which was joined to it. The tiny 10-inch wheels were pushed out to the four corners of the chassis, eliminating any overhang and freeing up as much space as possible for the passenger compartment. The design was the opposite of its competitors such as the VW Beetle, the Fiat 500 or the Renault Dauphine, all of which were rear-engined. It met its goal. With a length of barely 10ft (just over 3m), the Mini could be parked on a sixpence, slip through the gaps in city traffic and carry four adults at 140kph (87mph), while doing more than 45 miles to the gallon (6l/100km)! Despite this, its sales were held back by its high price at its launch in 1959. Success would only come at the start of the 1960s. Promoted by the Beatles and Brigitte Bardot – who drove one around Saint-Tropez – its sales took off. Its successful participation in motorsport events such as the Monte-Carlo Rally also helped develop its reputation. After being sold by various distributors, the little car gave its name to the Mini brand in 1969. The brand was taken over by British Leyland and then by Rover, which was bought by BMW in 1994. BMW sold the company in 2000, keeping only the legendary ‘Mini’ name. In 2001, after 5.3 million cars had been sold during a career spanning 42 years, it was transformed into a completely new car which kept only its historic name.

The model presented here

This model is extremely rare. It is a ‘Works’ cabriolet and was officially sanctioned, unlike the other versions produced by independent coachbuilders. When BMW bought Rover in 1994, it wanted to revitalise the range and introduced this rare version, limited to 1000 cars. Based on a Mini Cooper with the 63bhp 1.3-litre engine, it had wheelarch extensions, special wheels and an interior makeover. As well as being rare and unusual, it is a pleasant model to drive with the wind in your hair. This example, first registered on 18 October 1996, is even more exceptional as it has covered only 14,000km (8700 miles). It is in virtually new condition. Its dark green paintwork brings out the old-fashioned British character of this unusual-looking little cabriolet. It will be serviced before delivery and guaranteed for 12 months by BPM Heritage.

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